Hunter's Guide Preview

Published on 28 October 2023 at 18:57

Our Licensed product for When the Moon Hangs Low, the Hunter's Guidebook, is close to publication. 

To give you a little teaser of what we have got coming, I have created a preview document.

You can download it below.

Hunters Guidebook Preview
PDF – 4.6 MB 226 downloads

The Hunter's Guidebook is an expansion supplement for When the Moon Hangs Low.

Inside you will find a range of character options, including new Marks, Edges and equipment, along with several new antagonists, including an entire new faction of supernatural creatures for your hunters to discover.

Inside you will find:

  • 3 New Marks: the Warded, Weapon-bound and Zealous
  • 8 New Edges: Accurate Attack, Alluvimancer,  Dark Calling, Leadership, Mesmerism, Rally, Silver Tongue, Tenebrous Grasp and Unfasten
  • Loads of new equipment: Including 3 new weapons, 6 new weapon customisations, 4 pieces of adventuring gear, and 5 occult oddments.
  • Expanded Combat Options: GM tips and advice for expanding player options in combat.
  • 24 New Antagonists: including 6 new entries in the People of Harrowmire section, 6 for the Animals section, 6 new supernatural creatures, and an entire new faction of supernatural threats, The Flock