The Black Orifice is Back!

Published on 1 May 2020 at 15:33

Back in January, unhappy with the hosting service provided by GoDaddy I decided to let my website subscription end - I'd not really put anything up on the site for ages anyway, so I figured I'd I wouldn't miss it. In it's heyday the website was home to the Guild Ball rankings and that was all most people came to the site for anyway, so when I stopped running the rankings it soon became a bit of internet dead space.

But now I am back!

Over the last few months I have been busy writing on a roleplaying project that has been close to my heart for several years, but I've always shied away from it because I worried I wouldn't do it justice. But over Christmas I found myself going back to the project and got back into writing it. I mentioned it to one of my regular gaming groups and they were hooked on the idea and wanted to try it out.

A few playtest sessions and a ton of feedback later and I'm now writing up the last few pages and getting it ready for printing.

More on that product later, but for now, welcome back to the Black Orifice!

So, what is the Black Orifice and why should you be coming here?

Well, firstly, the Black Orifice is (mainly) me - Ben Redmond. I am a UK-based RPG games designer (although my day job is as a teacher). My catalogue of writing credits includes work for Cubicle 7, Paradigm Concepts and Goodman Games, and is probably most notable for Etherscope, which I created with my long-time writing partner, Nigel McClelland (he chips in with stuff here every now and again, too), and received several award nominations when it was released fifteen years ago.

As for why you should be here? Come here for news and information on the different roleplaying games I am writing, and for a load of free stuff for a variety of roleplaying games. (Some of it admittedly getting on a bit now, but hey - it's free!) The new game I'm writing on is going to be something special, so come here to find out more about that, too.

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