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It's been a while...

Wow! How long has it been since I last posted here? Too long, for sure. The reason: I've been very busy, both with the day-to-day and with gaming stuff, both writing and designing and taking part in tournaments and hosting a podcast for my favourite miniatures game, Godtear.

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Arcane Virtuosos Available Now!

I have just released Arcane Virtuosos, a fantastic new character supplement for Newtonium Engine. Inside you will find a ton of new options, focusing on but not exclusive to, the Arcanist archetype. It includes new sub-archetypes, talents, rituals and skill uses for characters of a magical persuasion.

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#TeamYellow (part 2)

When I first put Team Yellow together there was only three maelstroms available, so there was no choices to make beyond choosing to take all maelstrom champions. Now we have six to pick from, and it makes for an interesting dilemma. That's more than both Shapers and Guardians and equal with Slayers, and looking at the team icons on the top left of the ultimate card, there's only the "cave" team that is yet to gain a maelstrom.

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#TeamYellow in Godtear

To take a break from writing and promoting my roleplaying games, last weekend I attended a tournament for Steamforged Games' Godtear with my good friend Elliot (check out his blog here). We ended up 4th and 3rd respectively, and Ell won best painted, so a decent showing for a first event.

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